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"It takes a village to raise a child." - African proverb

“…also to put on a youth hackathon” – Level Playing Field Institute

Community Impact Hackathons Need to Stay in the Community

Guest blog post by Jen Arguello of the Kapor Center for Social Impact.

At the Kapor Center for Social Impact, we are always looking toward creative ways to channel technology to create positive social impact. One of the most exciting ways we do this is by empowering youth –particularly underrepresented youth of color– to be more than just consumers of technology, but producers of it as well.

Join this SMASH parent in supporting LPFI's 10 Cubed Campaign to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SMASH!

LPFI recently chatted with one of our supporters who also happens to be the mother of a SMASH alumni. We were so inpsired by her generous spirit that we thought we'd learn a little more about her and why she chooses to support SMASH.

SMASH Scholar Shares How She Got Early Admission to an Elite University

Interview with Samantha Burnell, SMASH Senior Scholar at Stanford

In this post Samantha "Sammie" Burnell shares her college application experience and how she gained early admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Early admission is a college admission plan in which students apply earlier in the year than usual and receive their results early as well. This benefits students by reducing the number of applications to be completed at one time and by providing results early. Most colleges that participate in early admission request applications by October 15th or November 1st and return results by December 15th. There are two types of early admissions: Early Action, which is not binding, and Early Decision, which is binding. (wikipedia)

Sammie at SMASH Stanford
Sammie (pictured left) with fellow SMASH scholars at 2013 Recognition and Exhibition event at Stanford

Level Playing Field Institute Ramping Up for a New Year

This post is authored by LPFI's Executive Director Jarvis Sulcer, Ph.D.

2014 is going to be a big year for the Level Playing Field Institute. I hope you will come along for the ride!

Last year, we began laying the foundation to position LPFI as the leading organization working to improve access and opportunity for underrepresented students of color in STEM. Our main goal for 2014 is to find new ways to fill in the opportunity gaps through our middle and high school intervention programs and assess the efficacy of our efforts through our in-house research studies.

LPFI Year in Review and Year-End Campaign Launching on #GivingTuesday

This post is authored by LPFI's Executive Director Jarvis Sulcer, Ph.D.

LPFI has had a great year on many levels, but it would not have been possible without your support. In 2014, we met and surpassed many of our strategic goals:

A Look Back at the 2013 Fairness Matters Forum

This post is authored by Bianca Escalante, LPFI Interim Development Director


This was how our moderator, Van Jones, opened our (sold out!) 2013 Fairness Matters Forum panel on Thursday November 7th at Google SF. What followed Mr. Jones’ enthusiastic introduction was an animated and thoughtful discussion on Massive Open Online Courses. All of our panelists had something to say and the diversity of perspectives culminated in a discussion that didn’t shy away from the issues and merits of these (relatively) new online education platforms.

2013 Fairness Matters Forum Panel

A SMASH Scholar Gives Thanks for a Bountiful Senior Year

This post is authored by Camila Quintana, 3rd Year SMASH Stanford Scholar

I was born in Lima, Peru on January 21, 1996 and I moved to California in 2004 with my parents and my two younger brothers. I am currently attending Middle College High School in San Pablo.

SMASH: Stanford has been an amazing experience that I have had the privilege of being part of for the past three years. Even though the main part of the program is for five weeks in summer, it is actually a program that lasts year round.

Eliminating STEM barriers: Level the Coding Field Hackathon

This post is authored by Chase Shugarman, Communications Intern.

The Level Playing Field Institute is proud to work towards eliminating the barriers faced by students of color in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and advancing our nation.

level coding field hackathon winners